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4 Keys for you

Do not be ashamed of your suffering

Whether it is for just one interview or for a course lasting six months or more, we are here to help you live freely. One simple meeting over a coffee in a safe non-judgemental environment will allow you to find out if we can continue on from there together.

Do not be ashamed of your suffering – SAS will not judge you! Respect and confidentiality are real at SAS and are fundamental to our way of working.

SAS sees each human being as a unique creature, who has a social conscience, is socially engaged and whose life has a meaning.

The team at SAS allow your own thought processes and your own choices to emerge – we will not attempt to make any choices for you.

However, we will accompany you each step of the way along your own personal path of development to find or reclaim your well-being.

What SAS can offer you: Four Keys

Here is an introduction to each of the four keys, the basis of our therapeutic curriculum. For more information please click on the titles for each key at the top of the page.

Key Number 1: Discover your True Identity

In group workshops or individual interviews.

This stage of the curriculum will allow you to discover what your received messages are, to mourn failed hopes and to discover your true identity. Realising that you have failed is the start of a path that will lead you to life! The path can be full of sorrow, difficult, anger can surge up – but the path is possible.

Key Number 2: Unlocking the shackles

We heal the spiritual consequences of trauma which bar the blossoming of full creativity.

Key Number 3: Integrating Alters – that is broken off parts of the soul

In particular we heal Alters or broken off parts of the soul which require a quite specific kind of care for personalised inner integration...All as gently as possible.

Key Number 4: Living in Society

This stage involves learning to listen, to express oneself, to explain what one wants to say, learning to put words to feelings that may be difficult to express and learning to resolve conflict peacefully. All this is quite simply learning to live with people in a social context.

One exercise of ours that we like to call “the Palabre” will give you access to the truth of those you speak to as well as to your own truth. In this way, your truth and that of the people you speak to will be brought to light and understood, not by confrontation, but by face to face communication.

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