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I understand what you may be going through

The fear which paralyses and gnaws away at you leaves its imprint in your thought patterns. It is followed by and surrounded by guilt, shame and low, even bad self-esteem. When something shocks us profoundly the shock freezes these feelings into place as self-evident facts which keep on repeating themselves constantly. Is it possible to get out of this trap, this cycle of violence and victimisation? Is it possible to live in liberty and get out of this constant fear?

Yes, of course it is.

And getting people out of these inner cycles has been the vocation of Sas since 1997.

In this section, you will find a number of testimonials. These testimonials give a sense of what different people have been through. Some names have been changed out of respect for those concerned; these names are marked with an asterix.

Beatrice Beauverd. Sociotherapist. Founder of Sas.

“No one is responsible for being a victim in the first place but each of us is responsible for what we do as a consequence”

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