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Well being in Total Freedom

Therapy in Four Dimensions

To celebrate our twelfth anniversary, and to serve you better we have created a new Sas website. This new site provides more space to share our experiences and for testimony from those who have benefitted from our services.

Healing pain with words?

How can we find the path to freedom - the word of truth that will liberate us from all sorts of bonds connected to traumatising experiences from the past? Wouldn’t this involve healing those experiences which have left us heartbroken and imprisoned in fear?

In collaboration with many different participants, Sas has provided many men and women who are seeking their identity with the tools they need.

Everybody is constantly communicating any old how, even though communicating is the most complex activity in life.

We all use a filter to interpret what we feel, what we hear and see, what we expect from other people and what we think of them...These expectations are based on a whole background which we take for granted. We have mental images which mask us and disguise us from ourselves – and from others too. For many among us inner stress - due to insecurity and fear caused by our inability to pass beyond this image – slows down and even paralyses the ability to reflect on oneself and one’s actions. This inner stress can also paralyse the creativity and the energy of those living inside it. When we become exasperated, this stress can drive us into the blindest devotion, to fanaticism, or can even push us as far as fury leading even to murder – the destruction of the image which we have created of other people.

Do you feel that this could be you or someone close to you?

“I have a choice to make: Either I will have to go on trying to connect with people, when I know I can’t with all my ‘armour’ on – or I have to consider doing a workshop”. These are the words of a woman who enrolled in one of our workshops.

If you feel the same need, welcome to the world the right way up!

Béatrice Beauverd

Director of Sas

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