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How to get to SAS by public transport

The closest Railway Station to SAS is called Marin-Epagnier. It is one stop from Neuchatel station, which is the closest rail hub. From Neuchatel one can get an express to Geneva or Zurich. In each of these cities there are International Airprots. Alternatively, from Neuchatel, an express train to Paris is also available.

The english language link below is to the Swiss Rail system and can help you plan your journey. For example if you are arriving by plane in Geneva, you will need to catch a train to Marin-Epagnier. So,

(1) put Geneva Airport for the departure and

(2) Marin-Epagnier for the destination.

(3) Specify the date and time when you will get here. The site will ask your to specify the route you wish to take, so

(4) in the "via" box, please put Neuchatel (the shortest route) and the site will advise you of the trains that correspond to your wishes.

Unless you have a demi-tarif card you will have to pay full fare.

Here is the Swiss Rail (SBB/CFF) journey planner site. If you have any questiions about getting here, please feel free to contact us


Thank you.

LE SAS, GARE 13 - CP 370 CH-2074 MARIN (Neuchâtel) | TEL: ++41 (0)32 753 03 32 | E-MAIL: