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Our Current Appeal

This couple needs your help

Right from the very beginning Martin wasn't dealt a great hand by life. Born to a prostitute and to a father who slept around a lot, he literally owes his life to his Grandmother who made a stand and simply refused that her grandson would be aborted. Competent, lively and caring: she assumed responsibility for his education until he was 14. Due to her advanced age she was then obliged to leave Martin in the hands of his father who got him a job washing dishes in a cheap restaurant. He never returned to school.

From the age of 16 on he was caught up in drugs and all sorts of underhand dealings.

Although money was coming in, he was spending just as quickly – and  his problems and big debts were all mounting up too. The testimony of a Christian has completely changed his life and he is discovering another way of living, which has lead him to a happy marriage with Isabelle*.

Today with their two children, they are working – particularly to pay off Martin's old debts.

However, their life remains unstable and insecure, especially in terms of relating to one another and financially.

What is the best way out of this situation morally and financially? Their past weighs heavily, as do their debts. Should they return to the old dishonest ways? Surely not.

To turn over a new leaf, once and for all, they would like to take up therapeutic assistance at Sas, but cannot afford it.

This young couple are winners, due to their courage and willingness to fight to get themselves out of their current situation. They can achieve their aim much more easily with your help. Social Assistance only goes so far as bare necessities...They need your help to heal their past and to be able to provide the best possible future for their children.

Rather than being shocked by crime and juvenile delinquency, it's better to help those who want to escape from it for good!

How can you help this couple?

If you can make up a group of eight people, you can donate 100 Swiss Francs (CHF) each month.


If you can make up a group of 16, you can donate 50CHF per month.

In this way you will cover their costs of 4'800CHF for six months of interviews or workshops at Sas.

How can I make a donation?

By making a transfer Sas's Swiss Postal Bank Account or to our Raiffeisen Bank account - mentioning the word 'couple' in your transfer. For bank account details please click here.

Deposit slips: If you would like a deposit slip, please contact us at

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