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Help Sas

Why Sas needs your help

Sas is a non profit organisation, which depends to a very large extent on individual donations.

The prices we charge to those who come to Sas do not in fact cover the real costs – this is why your donation, even if it is not large, allows SAS to keep functioning.

You can help Sas in the following direct and practical ways:

Thank you!!

How to make a donation:

By transfer to our Raffeisen Bank Account:

Raffeisen Bank of the Neuchatel Mountains
Rue du Temple 19
2400 Le Locle
Account Number: 116705.80
Clearing: 80237
IBAN: CH87 8023 7000 0116 7058 0

Postal Address of Sas:
Private Social Action Service
Rue de la Gare 13
CP 370
CH – 2074

Note: Unless we hear from you to the contrary, when we receive excess donations for a particular funding objective, we divert excess funding to our other urgent needs. Thank you for your generosity and kind understanding.
LE SAS, GARE 13 - CP 370 CH-2074 MARIN (Neuchâtel) | TEL: ++41 (0)32 753 03 32 | E-MAIL: