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Principal staff

Béatrice Beauverd

Sociotherapist and Art Therapy Practitioner                                                                                         


Martine Bühlmann

Practitioner of Spiritual Restoration of Broken Hearts






These are our sponsors:

Jean-Claude Berberat, Managing Director

Daniel Thévenant, Minister

Phillipe Martinez, Mountain Guide IFMGA

Christine Jobin, Educator of people with special needs

Jean-Francois Jobin, Philosophy Professor and Writer

Marianne Krebs, Psychiatric and Public Health Nurse

Roger Haeny, Lawyer

Eric Jaffrain, Philosopher, Expert in Not for Profit marketing

Jean-Charles Rochat, Graphic Designer



Patrick Berdoz, Managing Director

“As a Managing Director, and even though this analogy has its limits, I think that carrying debt is a risk for the future. So it is important to wipe them out. In its own way, this is what Sas does for the people that it welcomes:  Wipe out the obstacles from the past, so that people can live free tomorrow. The testimony I have heard convinces me of the good that Sas brings to people’s lives. This is why I believe in and support Sas”.

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