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Art Therapy Description

In this section you will see some clay sculptures or figurines that some of our participants have kindly allowed us to display – figurines that represent their inner reality.

During the workshop with a therapeutic aim, three figurines are created; one at the beginning, one in the middle and one at the end. This is so that each person can see the path they have travelled/their development during the workshop – in a medium other than in words. (Three is the number in group workshops; in individual workshops the number is not set in advance).

“Clay, form of life, life giving form:”In Art Therapy, clay is a very important medium. Clay allows us to express those sorrows of the soul which can remain cut off from verbalisation for one reason or another. So, it is a question of unconscious but well and truly present psychological suffering, which can only be expressed through the vector of the skin. The skin is a true frontier between the soul and the outside of the body. If the memory of a trauma is in the unconscious – carrier of fears of shame and of guilt – then it cannot be said with words. It is buried away in the brain – in the deep EGO (le MOI profound) shut away in the limbic system. According to Didier Anzieu, by contact with the skin, the wrapping sheet of the soul, hidden suffering can come to light.

Clay is truly a particularly useful tool for allowing things unseen to be seen, that allows damage that is impossible to put into words to take form, come to life, be seen and recognised.

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