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You are useless

Valery* is 19. She is pretty and intelligent but feels ill at ease with others, not at ease within herself. She is persuaded that she always bothers people just by being in their presence, that she is neither attractive nor interesting. She refuses all social invitations, and does nothing but work ferociously.

A constant and abiding sense of abandonment and of uselessness. Even her lecturers do not understand why she isolates herself so much, given her success.

An inner voice constantly repeats "You are useless, you have no will be abandoned by other people...anyway no one loves you...better not to make friends in the first place, its not worth even trying to be noticed..."

And her solution ?

A truth which sets me free

"I understood that what took my character to be was the result of a trauma which I suffered at birth and which distorted my personality.

To my great surprise I discovered that what I thought of myself, what I thought others thought of me were nothing but lies! I escaped from the glass jar I had been living in. I dared to speak to my boss and asked him for a job transfer, which he immediately accepted. Finally I was able to maintain lasting friendships.

I feel fantastic, I want to hug everyone...!  I am finally living my own true life".


*not her real name

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